A new #viveaWeekendYoga where you can enjoy 3 intense workshops by Olivia Tüscher. Inversions, Hip opening and techniques of breathing and meditation. A unique opportunity to expand your knowledge about yoga. Discover all the info and descriptions of the workshops and choose yours.



LOCATION: vivea Espai · Viladecans · BCN

DATES: 22 and 23 de April 2017



Saturday 22 Abril 10:00H - "Inversions playshop"
Explore inversions with Olivia

Awaken your inner potential to find your way comfortably into inversions. Do you want to do a headstand, forearm balance or handstand and you have no idea where to start? Go beyond your fear of going upside-down by understanding the mechanics of fearless flying. In this workshop we will cover the basics from hand placement and correct body positioning, we will focus on core and arm strength, arm balancing techniques, safe and graceful inversions from headstand to tripod and pincha to handstand, you have all the tools you need to become a handstand addict! This course is designed for all levels from adventurous beginners to handstand monkeys!

Saturday 22 April 16:00H - "Free your hips"
Hip opening with Olivia

Do you have a love-hate relationship with pigeon pose? Do you want to get into deeper hip opening pose? During this course we will learn to bring clarity and awareness, to prepare the body for hip opening poses and to access a deeper state of mind of surrendering. We will learn and how to perform them safely in a fun and playful way. You will leave having released your hips and feeling empowered to continue the opening in your regular practice. This course is designed for all levels

Sunday 23 Abril 10:00H - "Maha Shakti"

“Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhah”
One common interpretation is “yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind." In other words, Yoga is done in order to achieve stillness and clarity of mind. This course is designed to take you on a journey into the depths of your being to discover the freedom and happiness that is your essential nature. This will be an opportunity to develop your practice with an intensive focus on the body, mind and soul with a traditional Hatha Raja Yoga practice as passed on by Sri Andrei Ram sprinkled with creative vinyasa. We will learn to pay attention to what is, as it is with an attitude of kindness. Olivia will share how to explore basic to intermediate poses with awareness and consciousness and to create effortless transitions appropriate for students of all levels. You will explore a little bit of everything : backbends, deep twists, deep hip openers and of course inversions. This course will include breathwork, kriya yoga techniques and guided meditation.The focus on this course will be letting go and flow. Connecting mind and body with joy and calm. Losing yourself, finding yourself, accepting where you are in the present moment and getting to know yourself better. This course is designed for all levels.

I discovered Hatha Yoga in 2003 and immediatly realised the impact it would have on my life. Through my desire to deepen my knowledge, I sought to learn from masters, how to teach and share my passion with others. Along the journey I explored different schools of Yoga, notably Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga.

In 2011, my encounter with he who was to become my Master, Sri Andrei Ram Om, transformed my practice and my life. Through him, I have discovered a simple traditional Yoga that goes beyond an asana-centered practice.

His teachings include pranayama techniques, powerful mantras, guided meditation, an understanding of the koshas (anatomical energy) and the chakras. Through him, I have discovered a spiritual dimension that I had never before experienced; a union of the body and universal soul.

It became apparent that I had found the means of expression best suited for me, to convey my knowledge to others. Hence, I became Sri Andrei Ram Om’s follower and started training under him. He has become my mentor, my guide, my spiritual brother and my friend.

In August 2015, he initiated me according to the Dharma Mittra Yoga linage and conferred on me, the spiritual name of Lakshmi Om.

I feel deep gratitude towards the universe and towards Sri Andrei Ram Om who continues to guide me on the path to self realization.

It is an honor to share my learnings with those around me, through love, humility, patience, humor, non-violence and understanding so that each and every one may attain self realization and ultimately, freedom. SO HAM

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