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Yoga in motion
11 - 12 -13 March 2016

Strength. Flexibility. Balance. Mental Toughness. Focus. Breath.
Fuerza. Flexibilidad. Equilibrio. Concentración. Atención. Respiración.

Patrick's yoga journey started in a very simple manor practicing poses his mom learned in class on the kitchen floor. His dad encouraged him to start taking public classes by challenging him to learn how to do a handstand. Since then yoga movement and asana has grown into an expression of connection to himself. As a teacher he works to create an experience for the students that helps them find a deeper sense of awareness and connection to the present moment! He loves helping students move in a way that allows them to build a trust and understanding in themselves. His unique style of connecting simple poses with exciting inversions has helped many students find a higher sense of consciousness and led to their feet floating off the ground! In his free time Patrick loves to go to concerts, read comics, and explore the world with Carling.

vivea team can’t be prouder and happier to welcome them in their first visit to Barcelona.

Patrick Beach
Carling Nicole


Place: vivea Espai · Viladecans · BCN

Dates: 11, 12 and 13 March 2016

Prices: 60€ workshop / 220€ all weekend

Patrick will prepare you for take-off--his classes ignite a sense of adventure in even the most hesitant practitioner, and he loves to teach students how to safely play upside-down. Whether beginner or advanced, students can get ready to step outside their comfort zone with sequences that keep them guessing and have been known to lead to empowering “ah-ha!” moments. Ever calm and comfortable on his feet and on his hands, Patrick transmits confidence to his students. Many attest to a once-feared pose transforming into their favorite under Patrick’s guidance.

Each breath and posture becomes an opportunity for his students to unearth their own power. Patrick hopes that as his students rediscover their mind-body connection they will find the inspiration to explore their world from a new and emboldened perspective.

WORKSHOPS: The workshops below are 2-3 hours each

A COMPLETE PRACTICE · Friday, March 11, from 16:30
Join Patrick for a yoga practice moving through a series of poses that will work to create a connection between body and mind! Feel a true connection to the moment as we find different poses for centering the mind and moving to the rhythm of your breath. This all levels practice is a great way to open up the body, explore new opportunities and challenges while still having plenty of time to stay grounded in your comfort zone.

INVERSIONS IN MOTION · Saturday, 12 March, from 10:30
Going upside down in your yoga practice can full of freedom and fun, but it can also be intimidating. Learn from a number of opportunities within a natural vinyasa flow where you can move into inversions without making them such a big deal. This practice is great for students who are new to the inversion practice, or advanced students who are looking for creative new transitions to start adding to their repertoire. Come with an open mind and willingness to explore a higher level of body awareness as we float with ease through the fluid movements of yoga.

EN-FLIGHTENED FLOW · Saturday, 12 March, from 16:30
Float and fly through this extended vinyasa class, invigorating your body, awakening new muscles, and breathing a sense of playfulness into your practice. Learn new transitions and discover opportunities to incorporate inversions and arm balances into your regular practice. All levels are always welcome, students can expect to work hard, have fun and sweat together with us.

OPEN HEART OPEN MIND! · Sunday, 13 March, from 10:30
We so easily find ourselves caught up on just one path or swirling the same old circles with the same old narratives. Use this expansive, expectation shattering practice to break out of old habits and start moving in new directions! We will focus on a number of heart opening postures and take them to unexpected places of movement in our bodies. Expect to leave class with a new sense of space and a lighthearted mindset.

Friday 11 March, from 16:30 - A Complete Practice
Saturday 12 March, from 10:30 - Inversions in Motion
Saturday 12 March, from 16:30 - En-Flightened Flow
Sunday 13 March, from 10:30 - Open Heart Open Mind!

Limited places - Book your place!

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